How to Pick a College Football Betting Line

college football betting line

How to Pick a College Football Betting Line

If you want to know how to pick a college football betting line then read this article. In it I am going to give you some valuable tips that will help you in your quest for getting a good college football betting line each and every week.

The odds will usually tell you who the favorite is each week. That favorite is often only determined by how well they are doing. If their record is not good then that is likely to be their winning team. But this is not to say that a good bettor does not take a look at other teams that are struggling as well.

The biggest factor of the underdog is not so much who the favorite team is, but how strong their opponents are. Teams that are really struggling usually have a very tough time to go to a top ten college football program and beat them.

The numbers you see for high school programs are not so much about how good or bad the team is. The numbers tend to favor those programs that are having trouble staying afloat and those who are in worse financial shape than they once were. These schools typically do not have the funds to continue to do what they need to do to remain competitive.

As you can imagine, there are often enough players in a team that is struggling to bring them through. That means more competition for them and lower scoring games for them. When there are fewer wins on the books and the result is a closer score then you may want to consider another team to bet on.

Also keep in mind that games do not always have to be a three or five-point game. In fact, most football games can be close without being tight. A back and forth score line is not out of the question.

Betting lines for college football games are often the hardest ones to come by. In this era of free bets, you do not have to pay any money to place a bet. So this makes it easier to try to find the best lines to make some good money.

Make sure that you use your gut feeling when it comes to figuring out the college football betting line. If you use the experts’ advice and there is no clear favorite team, you may just want to stay away from that team and consider another team to bet on.